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Monsters, Inc. He then takes out a magnifying glass and focuses the hot beam of light on Woody's forehead. He also destroys toys in many ways exploding, burning, or in his "mad doctor" plays. Unfortunately for Sid, he is forced to delay the launch due to "adverse weather conditions at the launch site" when a rainstorm hits the neighborhood, giving Woody and Buzz time to reconcile overnight where Woody tells Buzz the joy of being a toy, which allows Buzz to gain his spirit of being a toy and allows himself and Woody to escape Sid's house when they see the moving truck near Andy's old house next door. Toy Story 3 Sid as a garbage man. It is unknown whether he still believes that toys are alive or if he has suppressed the memories of it a long time ago. List of toys. Man, hey, where's that wimpy cowboy doll?

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Mike and Sulley turn Sid over to the CDA, who confesses that, after seeing toys come to life and attack him referencing the events of Toy Story , he was trying to prevent such a thing from happening to any other children by stealing their toys, while also making money off of any toys that were actually valuable. He is seen on a garbage truck as he comes to pick up the trash from Andy's house including Andy's toys who were also in a bag and mistakenly got put outside by Ms. Well, we have ways of making you talk. Where are your rebel friends now?

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Sid is the only human character in the Toy Story series who knows toys are alive. He's history! They have Sid thrown back to his home through Hannah's door.

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Sid threw the mutant toy onto the ground and ran after her, claiming that Hannah was lying. This postponement gives Woody and Buzz time to reconcile and embrace each other's friendship overnight. In the next issue's story, Sid breaks back into Monstropolis , and helps Randall and Mr. Ha, ha!

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They offer to give him the plans for their door-traveling technology which Sid plans to get rich off of in his world in exchange for him helping them get revenge on Sulley and Mike. This might explain why Sid's house has the same rug pattern as the Overlook Hotel from The Shining , in which Nicholson starred. Sid's rocket is ultimately utilized by Woody during the move to Andy's new house to help RC, whose batteries have been depleted, back into the moving truck as Woody and Buzz both go skyrocketing, during which Buzz frees himself from the rocket by opening his wings to tear off the tapes that bound him to the rocket as for the rocket, it climbed up for a few feet higher before exploding into smithereens. The Big One Launch has been delayed due to adverse weather conditions at the launch site! No way! Well, we have ways of making you talk. In the next and final issue, Sid uses the door technology again to return to Monstropolis and breaks Randall Boggs and Henry J. I've always wanted to put a spaceman into orbit.

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Don't you want to play with Sally? Later, after Woody, Buzz, and their friends end up at the dump, Sid later appears again and Woody, Buzz, and the rest of Andy's remaining toys hitch up a ride on his garbage truck to get back to Andy's house. In a deleted alternate version of the "Play Nice!

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Initially, he was to blow up that "wimpy cowboy doll", but fails to find him Woody hid under a milk crate. Captured at Pizza Planet All right, double prizes! However, before she can do so, she is grabbed and scolded by Sulley, giving Sid enough time to escape towards a ventilation shaft, with Mike and Boo coming after him. In the end, Sid is again sent back home, with the monsters hoping that he has enough of them now.

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