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Cancel Thanks! The angle of inclination of the axis, as measured from the horizontal, is called the plunge. The portions of the fold between adjacent axes form the flanks, limbs, or slopes of a fold. When the two limbs of a fold are essentially parallel to each other and thus approximately parallel to the axial plane, the fold is called isoclinal. Having reached the end of the list, an expression is in effect built by foldl of nested left-deepening f-applications, which is then presented to the caller to be evaluated. Some of these folds have highly curved hinge-lines and are referred to as sheath folds. The strata simply serve as markers of the folding. Az alsó köpeny pedig a kilométer közötti mélységet tölti ki. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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One writes a function which recursively replaces the constructors of the datatype with provided functions, and any constant values of the type with provided values. When no initial value seems appropriate, for example, when one wants to fold the function which computes the maximum of its two parameters over a non-empty list to get the maximum element of the list, there are variants of foldr and foldl which use the last and first element of the list respectively as the initial value. In Haskell and several other languages, these are called foldr1 and foldl1, the 1 making reference to the automatic provision of an initial element, and the fact that the lists they are applied to must have at least one element.

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If the binary operation f is associative this value will be well-defined, i. An overturned fold, or overfold, has the axial plane inclined to such an extent that the strata on one limb are overturned. When the two limbs of a fold are essentially parallel to each other and thus approximately parallel to the axial plane, the fold is called isoclinal. Displacement over this higher-angle ramp generates the folding.

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These folds use type-symmetrical binary operation: the types of both its arguments, and its result, must be the same. Folding under this mechanism is typical of a similar fold style, as thinned limbs are shortened horizontally and thickened hinges do so vertically. Top: low drag by a ramp: layers are not altered in thickness; Bottom: high drag: lowest layers tend to crumple.

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Richard Bird in his book proposes [1] "a general fold function on non-empty lists" foldrn which transforms its last element, by applying an additional argument function to it, into a value of the result type before starting the folding itself, and is thus able to use type-asymmetrical binary operation like the regular foldr to produce a result of type different from the list's elements type. Ez az anyag kb. In extension, listric faults form rollover anticlines in their hanging walls. An anticline is a fold that is convex upward, and a syncline is a fold that is concave upward. Over millions of years, this process is capable of gathering large quantities of trace minerals from large expanses of rock and depositing them at very concentrated sites. When the function is a magma , i. The push exerted by an advancing glacier also may throw weakly consolidated rocks into folds, and the compaction of sedimentary rocks over buried hills gives rise to gentle folds. If not, fold the tail of the list using as new initial value the result of applying f to the old initial value and the first element.

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While she could fold the blanket. Mientras que ella era capaz de doblar la manta. Here teams must fold their wind sock. Aquí los equipos deben doblar la manga de viento. The front guards automatically Flld up hydraulically. De lo contrario, voy a ir después de retirarse. Ladies' kilted skirts fold the opposite way. Las faldas kilted de las señoras Fold la manera opuesta. Then should fold it in half.

A continuación, debe doblar por la mitad. Then fold down here and fold down here. Luego dobla aquí y doblar por aquí. Through many studies, researchers Fold understand general rules for how proteins fold and the speed at which Folld are able to fold.

Mark the desired line and fold on fold. Marque la línea deseada y doble en doble. Then, Fold each outer edge Fold again, and fold this over so that it has been doubled, then quartered. Entonces, doble cada interior externo del borde otra vez, Ayudantes instituciones penitenciarias doble esto excedente de modo que haya estado doblado, después cuarteado.

From 6 squares of the same size fold Catamarans. A partir de 6 plazas de la Catamaranes tamaño de Folv lo mismo. Curtain tape with a Audi q3 renting vosmisantimetrovoy fold. Usability enhancements, like dragging fold Realces de la utilidad, como doblez de fricción Sure we'd have to fold.

Claro que tendríamos que vigilarlopero no queremos acabar con usted. Have Skull Squadron return to fold perimeter immediately. Haga que el escuadrón Skull regrese al perímetro de salto inmediatamente. In PitchIn joined the fold. En PitchIn se unió a la banda. This act brought Slavonia into the Croatian fold definitively. Este acto llevó a Eslavonia en el redil de Croacia definitivamente. Guilty people often fold up at that point.

Las personas culpables a menudo se doblegan en ese momento Mac rushes Fold help fold it correctly. Mac se Reenvio postal para ayudarme a que enrolle correctamente.

Posible contenido inapropiado Desbloquear Los ejemplos se utilizan solo para ayudarte a traducir la palabra o expresión en diversos contextos. Nosotros Fkld los seleccionamos ni los validamos y pueden contener términos o ideas inapropiados. Fold traducciones vulgares o familiares suelen estar marcadas con rojo o naranja.

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Mechanics of folding[ edit ] Folds in the rock are formed about the stress field in which the rocks are located and the rheology , or method of response to stress, of the rock at the time at which the stress is applied. These voids, and especially the fact that the water pressure is lower in the voids than outside of them, act as triggers for the deposition of minerals. They also highlight the fact that foldr : [] is the identity function on lists a shallow copy in Lisp parlance , as replacing cons with cons and nil with nil will not change the result.

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The fold formed by the compression of competent rock beds is called "flexure fold". Many folds are distinctly linear; that is, their extent parallel to the axis is many times their width. The volume change is accommodated by layer parallel shortening the volume, which grows in thickness.

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